The Team

Our team is managed by our Nursery Manager, Jenna Forey and her two Assistant Managers, Sam Bishop Apsey and Louise Cable. Sam is the upstairs floor supervisor, whilst Louise looks after the downstairs floor.

Each room has a Room Senior whose job it is to ensure the quality of the childcare provided is the best it can be. Each room will have NNEB and NVQ 3 qualified staff on duty at all times, supported by Nursery Assistants. Occasionally we have help from students on work experience. Students are not included in staffing ratios, are always supervised and never left alone with your child.

All of our team has been especially selected for their experience and genuine love of working with children and have all passed satisfactory health, police and reference checks.

The team is committed to learning about the changing practices throughout the field of childcare and education and are encouraged to receive appropriate training to improve and increase their skills. Regular team meetings are held and the work of the team is supported by means of regular appraisals.

The nursery operates a key person system, meaning your child is assigned a key worker who is responsible for maintaining the developmental records (learning logs) of your child and keeping you informed on your child’s progress, along with being available to discuss any issues. The records are available for Parents contributions and observations. In the hallway is a team picture board, donating the status of all team members.

As Sam is currently on Maternity leave, Chris Hughes, our Big Frogs Room Senior is currently cover Sam’s Assistant Manager role.

Anthony Pickford


Jenna Forey

Manager – NNEB/NVQ L4. SENCO Safeguarding Officer, Curriculum Coordinator

Louise Cable

Deputy Manager – NVQ L4, Fire Safety Officer and Newts room senior

Sam Bishop-Apsey

Deputy Manager – NVQ L3 – Curriculum Coordinator

Helen Ilse


Debbie Higgs

Nursery Assistant

Louise Saunders

Nursery Nurse – CCLD L3

Sue Young


Naomi Chamberlain

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L2

Amy Higgs

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L2

Rachel Pinney

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L3

Kaylee Head

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L3

Chris Hughes

Room Senior – NVQ L3

Del Townsend

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L3

Laura Kimber

Nursery Nurse – NNEB

Jo Brown

Room Senior – NNEB

Kathryn Adlem

Nursery Nurse – CCLD L3

Kim Stevens

Nursery Assistant

Ann Hunter

Nursery Assistant

Janneke May

Nursery Assistant

Emma Burke

Nursery Nurse – CCLD L3

Julie Palmer

Nursery Nurse – NAMCW

Paula Hine

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L3

Katherine Daniels

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L3

Claire Forey

Room Senior – NVQ L3

Beth Scott

Nursery Nurse – NVQ L2