New Nursery and Pre-School Menu


Childrens Nursery Menu

After extensive review of our Nursery and Pre-School’s menu here at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-school Chieveley, Newbury and with feedback from our children’s full little tummies, we are please to say we are in the process of fine tuning our Nursery and Pre-Schools 4 week menu.

Lots of the Nursery and children’s favourites have been added or have had their recipes fine tuned and a few things that the children don’t like have been removed.

Each meal time here at the Nursery and Pre-School will continue to have a selection of vegetables and fruit for lunch and tea, to help the children for whom we provide childcare grow in a healthy manner.


Adding Flavour to the Children’s nursery and Pre-School menu


As we do not add salt to the children’s meals to encourage healthy eating, we will be looking at fresh herbs and fresh produce to add flavour to the nursery meals.

The menu is designed that each week there is at least one day when the children will try a meat, fish or vegetarian dish, with lots of variety and exposure to new foods.

This weeks Nursery menu is


Broccoli & Cauliflower pasta bake

Sultana Sponge


Chilli Con Carne with kidney beans with Rice

Homemade Apple Crumble and Ice Cream


Homemade Salmon Fish Cakes Sweetcorn and Baked Beans

Jelly And orange Pieces


Chicken casserole and Dumplings

Banana and Natural yogurt


Mini Toad in the Hole with mixed vegetables and onion gravy

Fruit Flan and Crème Fresh

& Peach


We will publish an updated revised Nursery Menu once all dishes have been signed off by the little tummies :)