Free Entitlement Funding (FEF)

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free funded Nursery or Pre-School education and childcare for 38 weeks of the year. (There is also limited funding for 2 year old children from disadvantaged families – please contact us for more information.)

At Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School in Newbury we are happy to offer parents places for the children to take advantage of the FEF funded childcare. Some parents choose to use some or all of their entitlement only at our nursery, meaning they are not charged for the time covered by the funding. Other Parents who require longer periods of childcare simply have the free funding equivalent deducted from their monthly bill.

When does your child become eligible?

Parents can claim Nursery and Pre-School Funding for the term after their child becomes 3. The following table helps show when you can claim. Please note as terms times change from year to year, please contact us to confirm exact dates

Child Born Between They become eligible for FEF in
1st January – 31st March Summer Term (May – Aug)
1st April – 31st August Autumn Term (Sept – Dec)
1st September – 31st December Spring Term (Jan – Apr)

How is Free Entitlement Funding claimed?

If you would like to use your Free childcare funding with us, please contact our Nursery Manager and she will be happy to submit the correct forms on your behalf.