Parents as Partners

We respect and recognise that parents have primary responsibility for their children; we aim to support and compliment that care. We will ensure that parents are kept informed about their child with the very important hand over at the beginning and end of each day, supplemented by a daily sheet for children under the age of 3 years and a weekly report for children over the age of 3 years. We will issue monthly newsletters with details of forthcoming events and topic work. Current information is posted on the notice boards.

It is important that staff are informed of any changes in a child’s home circumstances, it is helpful to know if your child has had a disturbed night, is feeling off colour or has any worries about attending nursery. We must be informed of any changes of contact addresses or telephone numbers although we do send out annual update sheets. We also ask that you inform us in advance if anyone different is coming to collect your child. We will ensure that parents are kept informedWe will require a photograph for identification or to agree a password. When your child has been accepted at Quackers, we will work in partnership to ensure that the visiting period suits your child’s individual needs. It is important that we work together to help your child feel happy and secure. Some children will take longer to settle than others. We appreciate that it can be very difficult for parents returning to work and we aim to be particularly supportive at this time. Staff are always available to give advice and discuss any specific problems. You are welcome to contact and visit the nursery at all times.