Helen IlseMeal Times

We pride ourselves in freshly preparing all our homemade meals, cooked on site by our dedicated Chef, in our modern kitchen.

Our menu, which changes each season, is designed to ensure that your child receives a well balanced, nutritious and varied diet, along with giving them opportunities to try a variety of new foods. We find that children are often more likely to try a new food if their peers are also eating the same food.

We get a weekly delivery of fresh produce and we tailor our menus so that there is a variety of chicken, meat, fish and vegetarian main courses each week. Each meal ALWAYS comes with vegetables or salad.

Meal time is not just about eating, but also about enjoying sitting with friends and developing good table manners. Staff sit with the children to encourage informal conversations together and the use of “Please” and “Thank you”.

Your child will receive their own water bottle and along with having full access to it throughout the day they are monitored to ensure they are drinking enough.

We never add salt to our food and will cater for all dietary requirements.

You can download our current menu below.

New Nursery and Pre-School Menu Dec 2013