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We are very proud of the level of care at our Nursery and Pre-School here in Chieveley, Newbury, but don't just listen to us, here are some of the things some of our parents have said about us.

“We feel very positive about our children’s learning and development within Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  Staff always recognise our children’s achievements and identify areas in which they can benefit from more focus and encouragement.  We feel informed and involved every step of the way.

We have a brilliant relationship with the staff.  All staff without exception are friendly, approachable and helpful.  I think it helps that our kids love them so much and genuinely enjoy going to Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.


Our children’s health and safety is very important to Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  I have never had concerns in this area.  Quotes from our eldest shows that staff encourage a ‘self awareness’ among the children for Harvey and Georgia matters too.  The children understand the possible implications of certain actions and behaviours.


As an organisation and as individuals, Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School, they all really do go ‘over and above’ anything I could ever expect from a nursery.  Our children thrive in your care.  Thank you.”

- Mrs Emma Bone


“What I most like about Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School is the friendly ‘home from home feel’, dedicated staff who demonstrate amazing capability to develop and bond with children and their professional approach.

I am thoroughly impressed with the speed at with Lola is developing at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  She consistently amazes me with her broad vocabulary and social skills.

Myself and my husband have great relationships with the Quackers Team.  We trust them all with every aspect of Lola’s care.  Jenna personally made my transition back to work a far easier one!

I am thoroughly pleased with every aspect of Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  Lola is really part of the family and thrives in the environment.  I would and have highly recommended Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School to friends and family!! “

- Mrs Claire Rickard 

“Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School has been invaluable in helping our child’s learning and development.  The variety of activities the children can get involved in is excellent and makes learning fun.

We feel we have a very good relationship with staff at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  They are very approachable and are very good at looking after the Mums when they need a bit of reassurance!  The fact each child has a key person means that you feel one person has a good understanding of your child and I really appreciate the phone calls I’ve had when questions have been needed to be asked about Sam or to inform me if he is unwell.

We loved the Parents Evening and found it was useful and interesting to have the time one on one with Julie to talk about Sam.  We think all the staff in the Tadpole Room are fabulous, especially Julie.

The nativity was a festive highlight last year and the whole family came to watch.”

- Kate & Matt Clark

“Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School are very friendly, relaxed and caring atmosphere, together with the fact that a lot of the staff have been at the nursery for a long time.  Low staff turnover demonstrates to me what a lovely place it must be to work, which in turn must have a very positive effect on the children.  Each child is really treated as an individual and the nursery as a whole has a very personal feel. 

I think that learning and development is taken very seriously within Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School and Rory is constantly encouraged to move up to the next level in everything he does.  Learning through play is very important particularly in the early years and judging by the pictures up around the nursery, the children obviously have a lot of fun whilst developing different skills at the same time. 

I strongly believe that health and safety is taken very seriously at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School.  If there are ever health issues, notices are put up advising parents and sometimes information sheets are given out which can be very helpful.  I think safety is given a high priority without feeling as though children are being wrapped in cotton wool.  Meals at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School seem to be very well balanced and healthy too – perfect for growing children.”

- Poppy Tolcher

“The number of settling in visits that Sophie had at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School,  far exceeded any other nursery my friends were using.  This really showed me that Quackers places a lot of important on ensuring that both child and parent are as happy as they can be.

I am very happy with Sophie’s learning and development within the Nursery.  I really like the daily report sheets as they provide an overview of what Sophie has done.  She has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School and we’ve really noticed how quickly her speech is developing.  At Nursery, she has been able to take part in lots of activities which she may not have been able to do at home especially now that I have a baby to care for too.”

- Sophie Bailey

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