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Ducks Pre-School

32 Months Old +

The Pre-School is located on the First Floor and has lots of space for the children to play. Our Pre-School consisting of a large carpeted room which allows the children space to sit and play and an interconnecting room for Meal times, messy play and arts and crafts. Toilets and a cloakroom are located within the Pre-School which the children can access independently (though there is always a member of staff overseeing the toilets). We also have a Secret Den the children love playing in.


The design of the room gives children the ability to safely roam freely, choosing resources that they wish to use such as a computer (without internet access), a craft area, role play area, messy room and quiet areas. 

Like the Nursery, the standard of childcare in the Pre-school has been recognised as having Outstanding elements and like the Nursery the Pre-School has outdoor sessions twice a day.

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Learning opportunities inside and outside through planned and child initiated play.

  • Encouragement to make their own choices and access their own resources.

  • Opportunities to develop their own independence – for example pouring their own drinks.

  • A shared library book scheme which introduces children to learning phonics.

  • Encouragement to recognise their name on water bottles, pegs and lunch places.

  • Plenty of mark making opportunities setting the foundations for writing their name.

  • Ongoing engagement through interesting topics so the children learn to sit and listen in preparation for school.

  • Access to French lessons.

  • Daily coverage of the 7 Ofsted Early Years Foundations Stages (EYFS) of learning, being; Communication and Language *  Mathematics * Physical development  *  Understanding of the world * Personal, Social and Emotional development * Expressive arts and design * Literacy.

  • A named Key Worker whom monitors your child’s development and writes a target report at the end of each term.

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