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Frogs Nursery Room

26 to 32 Months Old

Situated on the first floor of the Nursery next to the Pre-School, this newly updated Nursery room prepares your child for the transition from Nursery to Pre-School by developing their independence through actions such as putting their own coats on and washing their own hands.

The room has access to activities and toys from the Pre-School, whilst still allowing your child the space to develop at their own pace. Giant chalk boards, numerous toys and a book case all have easy access allowing your child to choose how and when they want to play.

The Frogs Nursery Room Offers:

  • A Daily Report Sheet with comprehensive notes on your child’s childcare including sleep and eating patterns.

  • A minimum ratio of one adult to every four children.

  • A wide range fun activities, including dancing, music, stories, art and craft.

  • Access to our role play and messy rooms, with water, sand, painting and glue activities.

  • Encouragement for the children to make their own choices on the activities they do.

  • A named Key Worker whom monitors your child’s development.

  • Daily new learning experiences through play and a wide range of changing topics.

  • Each child has a bed for after lunch naps.

  • Ongoing support through the tricky stages of potty training whilst they gain their own experiences in our children's nursery’s child friendly toilets.

  • Encouragement of good table manners, such as waiting for our friends before we start and remembering to say please and thank you.

  • Daily outdoor play sessions in our FANTASTIC GARDEN, whatever the weather (we provide waterproof suits if raining).

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