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Baby Area

3 to 24 Months ​Old


Our Baby Area in our Nursery in Banbury is split into 4 sections to care for your child’s needs as the day progresses. The Baby room has a soft carpeted area for crawling and play, an area for messy play and eating and a two dark sleep room containing individual cots and beds.

Our Baby Area Offers:

  • A Daily Report Book with comprehensive notes on your child’s day including sleep patterns, feeds and nappy changes.

  • A minimum ratio of 1 adult to every 3 children.

  • Our team of established Nursery Nurses provide a daily familiar face for your child.

  • Our Team includes Mums with valuable real life childcare experiences.

  • A named Key Worker who monitors your child’s development.

  • Lots of cuddles for your little one.

  • Each Child has a cot/bed to sleep in and a basket to keep their own items in.

  • Daily outdoor play session in our FANTASTIC GARDEN, whatever the weather (we provide waterproof suits if raining).

  • Ongoing interaction with your child such as sitting with them during MEAL TIMES to teach good table manners.

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