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Pre-School Area

36+ Months Old 

Our Pre-School Area in Banbury consists of several large carpeted area which allows the children space to sit and play and and interconnecting areas for Meal times, messy play and arts and crafts. 

The design of the room gives children the ability to safely roam freely, choosing resources that they wish to use such as a craft area, role play area, messy room and quiet areas. 

The Pre-School has outdoor sessions twice a day.

The Pre-School Offers:

  • Learning opportunities inside and outside through planned and child initiated play.

  • Encouragement to make their own choices and access their own resources.

  • Opportunities to develop their own independence – for example pouring their own drinks.

  • A shared library book scheme which introduces children to learning phonics.

  • Encouragement to recognise their name on water bottles, pegs and lunch places.

  • Plenty of mark making opportunities setting the foundations for writing their name.

  • Ongoing engagement through interesting topics so the children learn to sit and listen in preparation for school.

  • Daily coverage of the 7 Ofsted Early Years Foundations Stages (EYFS) of learning, being; Communication and Language *  Mathematics * Physical development  *  Understanding of the world * Personal, Social and Emotional development * Expressive arts and design * Literacy.

  • A named Key Worker whom monitors your child’s development and writes a target report at the end of each term.

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