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About Us - Quackers in Chieveley

Quackers is an established Family Run Day Nursery and Pre-School, having welcomed our first child back in 1992. Based in a converted house in Chieveley, Newbury, we provide a homely feel to our Nursery and Pre-School.

What sets Quackers apart from other Day Nurseries and Pre-Schools is that our team are all long serving and we do not use any temporary staff. Our Manager, Jenna, has been with our Nursery and Pre-School in Chieveley for 23 years and around 70% of the team are Mums or Grandmas themselves, bringing real life childcare experiences with them.


Owners Anthony and Victoria have a young family and have a simple philosophy that the service provided by Quackers Day Nursery and Pre-School must be to the very high standards that they expect for their own children.


This philosophy has been recognised externally by Ofsted. Here is what they recently had to say about Quackers;


  • Partnerships with parents are positive and professional as well as being warm and supportive.


  • Staff carefully plan and provide a diverse range of play areas and easily accessible resources that successfully capture children's interest, curiosity and imaginations.


  • Staff effectively strengthen children's growing understanding of how to keep themselves safe, such as when they explore their local community.


  • Good partnerships with local schools help staff prepare children well for school. Staff are good at raising children's enthusiasm for team games, use of rules and pride in successful teamwork.


  • The owner and the manager set high standards and provide strong leadership as they continue to raise practice across the nursery to give children the very best start in life.

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