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Nursery Area

24 to 36 Months Old 

Our Nursery Area within the Nursery in Banbury has easy access to the toilets for help when potty training and access to a sleep room for those who like afternoon naps. There is a carpeted play area and direct access to many toys which the children can select themselves, a separate messy play and dining area. 

The Nursery Area Offers:

  • A Daily Report Sheet with comprehensive notes on your child’s childcare including sleep patterns, feeds and nappy changes.

  • A minimum ratio of one adult to every five children.

  • A wide range of fun activities, including dancing, music, stories, art and craft.

  • Each child has access a bed for after lunch naps.

  • Support through the tricky stages of potty training.

  • Our Team of established Nursery Nurses to provide a daily familiar face.

  • A named Key Worker whom monitors your child’s development.

  • Encouragement of good table manners, such as waiting for our friends before we start EATING and remembering to say please and thank you.

  • Daily outdoor childcare play to  sessions in our  FANTASTIC GARDEN , whatever the weather (we provide waterproof suits if raining).

  • Encouragement and support in learning sharing skills at this important time of their development.

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