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Tadpoles Nursery Room

3 to 18 Months ​Old


Located on the ground floor in our Nursery in Chieveley, Newbury our Tadpoles Nursery Room is split into 3 sections to care for your child’s needs as the day progresses. The Tadpoles Nursery room has a soft carpeted area for crawling and play, an area for messy play and eating and a dark sleep room containing individual cots.

The Tadpoles Nursery Room leads onto a conservatory with large patio doors, allowing for easy pushchair access to our Nursery’s Garden  where the children have access to their OWN fenced off area giving them space to crawl and toddle.

This Babies Nursery Room also has its own changing facilities meaning the Nursery Nurses do not need to leave the room when changing nappies.

Our Tadpoles Nursery Room Offers:

  • A Daily Report Book with comprehensive notes on your child’s day including sleep patterns, feeds and nappy changes.

  • A minimum ratio of 1 adult to every 3 children.

  • Our team of established Nursery Nurses provide a daily familiar face for your child.

  • Our Team includes Mums and Grandmas with valuable real life childcare experiences.

  • A named Key Worker who monitors your child’s development.

  • Lots of cuddles for your little one.

  • Each Child has a cot/bed to sleep in and a basket to keep their own items in.

  • A conservatory off our Tadpole Nursery Room which accesses the garden to allow the children to get fresh air, no matter what the weather.

  • Daily outdoor play session in our FANTASTIC GARDEN, whatever the weather (we provide waterproof suits if raining).

  • Ongoing interaction with your child such as sitting with them during MEAL TIMES to teach good table manners.

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