Sessions and Fees

2021 april prices.png

Under 2 Fees include Wipes, Creams, Sun Cream, all Meals and Snacks and a Leading Brand of Formula and Nappies (Parents are welcome to provide any of these items if they so wish), Birthday Cake, Sessional Entertainers, Music and Movement sessions, Annual Farm Visit and Living Eggs.

2-5-year-old Fees include Sun Cream, all Meals and Snacks, French Lessons (When 3 years of age), Gardening Lessons, Birthday Cake, Little Achievers Certificates, Sessional Entertainers, Music and Movement Sessions, Annual Farm Visit, Living Eggs and Leavers Graduation Party.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of £50 is payable on registering your child which cover the cost of all settling in visits and Nursery Bag. The Registration fee may be waivered with Management Discretion if only using 2 year old or fully funded sessions.


A sibling discount of 5% is available on our FULL DAY sessions and will be applied to the oldest sibling’s invoice. No discount will be given where a child is only using funded hours and any discount is applied is to the session cost and not any Additional Extras which are due in full.


TERM TIME ONLY PLACES ARE AVAILABLE. These dates run in Line with West Berks School Term Dates. A £5.20 surcharge per day will be added for Term Time Bookings.